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Original - Cacao husk tea [Teabags]

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Brewing Instructions
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10 Enveloped pyramid teabags

Pure, intense cacao flavour with earthy aromas will full your mouth as the original flavour comes neat for those who like clear flavours. With a strong dark chocolate profile, this tisane feels like having a bite of a quality chocolate, with the comforting feeling of a cup of tea!

Ingredients: 100% organic cacao husks

Notes: Chocolatey, smooth, cocooning

Our teabags are: Plastic-free | Compostable | 100% natural | Whole leaf | Pyramid shaped

Pyramid shaped teabags give space to the herbs to unfurl and infuse, extracting their best flavour and properties, making sure you enjoy the rhoeco experience to the bits.

About cacao husk tea

What is it? It is a tisane that keeps all the chocolatey flavour and beneficial properties of beloved cacao while carries zero calories. Plus, it is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, a natural mood enhancer and a mild pick-me-up meaning that you can skip coffee and indulge into a cup of cacao husk tea

Why is it sustainable? Chocolate industry uses only the core of the cacao beans. At rhoeco, standing for sustainability and circular economy, we recognized a true gem in the husks, highly nutritional and tasty, and give them a second life offering you a delicious treat! Enjoy your ‘chocolatey’ tisane and use the brewed cacao husks to feed your plants!

Calorie & Sweeteners free
Dairy & Gluten free 


Add 1 teabag into a cup [170ml] of hot filtered water [95ºC] and steep for approx. 8'.
Remove the teabag and enjoy!

- If you prefer your beverages sweet, you can add a teaspoon of coconut sugar.
- Prepare it cold and enjoy a surprisingly refreshing tisane for the warm months of the year.
- Pairs perfectly with milk — try adding a splash of your preferred plant-based milk or prepare it as a latte [see recipe below].

Cacao husk tea latte
In low heat, simmer in a saucepan a cup of your preferred milk type [works equally well with plant-based and dairy milk] and 1 or 2 teabags of cacao husk tea. If you are into more sweet tastes, you can add a teaspoon of coconut sugar or honey. After 10 minutes, pour it into a tea press and pump the plunger until it doubles on volume. Pour cacao husk tea latte into a mug and enjoy a cocooning and delicious treat!

  • Ingredients: Cacao husks*
    *product of organic farming
  • 25g | Serves 10 cups 
  • 100% natural product | No added flavours, colours, sweeteners
  • Calorie & Sweeteners free
  • Dairy & Gluten free 
  • Sourced from artisan chocolatiers who roast their own cacao beans.
  • Cacao husks come from ethically grown cacao beans [B Corp Certified supplier].
  • Compostable envelopes and teabags.
  • Recyclable outer cardboard box.
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