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iced rhoeco - a refreshing beverage for summer months


Summer is just around the corner and high temperatures should not discourage you from enjoying your favourite rhoeco herbal tea blend!

At this post, you will find two different ways to prepare an infusion that makes a wonderful treat on hot days.



Cold-brew is an easy, gentle and delicious method to extract the goodness of whole leaf tea and prepare a chilly tisane which releases slowly the true flavours and aromas of the dried herbs. Be sure that you will make a habit out of it!

Just grab a glass bottle, fill it with lukewarm water and float the herbal parts into it. To prepare one glass of water, you should need one to two teaspoons of herbal blend. To get most out of the tisanes, rinse the herbs with boiling water before sinking them into the bottle of water. This is also a good method to sanitise the herbs.

Put the bottle into the refrigerator and let it rest for 8-12 hours. Strain and serve!

Feel free to add sweeteners [organic cane sugar, honey or stevia] if you prefer sweet tastes but be sure you taste your brew first. The cold-brew method seems to extract more of the natural sweetness so chances are you won’t need any!


Take 6-8 grams of your favourite blend and put it in a cup. Add hot water [95 ºC] until you fill the cup. Steep the blend for 8-10 minutes and then strain out the herbal parts. Add a cup of cold water and then pour the infusion in a glass filled with ice. As the additional water and ice will dilute the flavours, do not hesitate to make an extra strong brew to begin with!

Sweeteners can be added according to your preferences!


You can also add ice cubes and/or a stem of spearmint, rosemary, lavender or any other herb into your glass. You can also experiment and add lemon slices or other fruits.

Once you're done steeping, don't toss the material! The high quality of rhoeco herbal tea blends allows a second brew that will be definitely lighter but still a refreshing one! Just leave the herbal parts a bit longer in the water.


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