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1.Are all of the herbs that you use certified organic?

Yes, the herbs that we include in our blends come from certified organic crops thus we have included the organic logo of the European Union in our label.

We insist on using exclusively organic material as we intend to offer you a product of premium quality, free of chemical residues. This decision favours a more environmentally responsible way of cultivation and contributes to the protection of our planet’s resources.

2.How should I store the product and when does it expire?

We suggest that you keep the container sealed, in a dry cool place, protected from sunlight. That way, herbs will keep their quality characteristics for a long period.

Herbs do not expire. Over time though, they lose their flavour and odour, thus we recommend that you consume them in a 2-year period after packaging date.

3.What do your blends consist of?

Our blends consist of exquisite, hand-picked whole loose herbal parts [flowers, leaves, fruits and seeds].

By selecting whole herbal parts, we ensure that they keep their quality characteristics as they have received the least possible processing after their harvest. That way, as you brew them, they release their rich odours and flavours to the fullest.

Make the brewing process a fun daily habit. Feel free to experiment with the proportions creating each time a unique tisane which fits your mood.

With our newly launched pyramid-shaped teabags we managed to offer you the very same herbs we carefully sort and pack loose. Pyramid shaped teabags give space to the herbs to unfurl and infuse, extracting their best flavour and properties. In other words, our pyramids contain whole leaf herbs - no dust, and/or flavour enhancers.


4.Which is the best way to prepare my tisane?

The ideal way to prepare your tisane is the infusion.

Put the recommended portion of herbal tea blend [1-2gr/cup] into a utensil. Add hot water [not boiling], cover it with a lid and let it rest for as long as it is indicated on the label. Strain and serve.

5.Can I drink your blends cold?

This is the best way of enjoying our herbal tea blends during the hot periods of the year.

Follow the indicated infusion method and transfuse the tisane in a glass bottle. After a while, put it in the refrigerator until it is fully cold.

Alternatively, you can apply the cold-brewing method. Put the indicated portion into a glass bottle. Add the required amount of lukewarm water and put it in the refrigerator for 10-12 hours. Strain and serve.

Serving tip: add some ice and a slice of lemon!

6.How many times can I re-steep my herbal tea?

We suggest that you re-steep your herbal tea at least once more, but this is totally up to you.

After the first infusion, herbs will lose a significant proportion of their flavours. Nevertheless, as we only use herbs of the highest quality, you can enjoy a second cup of herbal tea by increasing the steeping time.

7.What are the fragments in the bottom of the container?

These are herbal parts. Herbs become really fragile when they are dry. We carefully pick them and put them -in whole parts or slightly shredded (e.g. rosehip)- into the container. However, during transportation it is normal that some parts break up and end up in the bottom of the package.

Moreover, there is high chance that the smaller in size ingredients end up in the bottom as well e.g. fennel seeds that are included in the Forest herbal mix. For that reason, remember to lightly shake the container before you prepare a tisane so as to encourage the mix of the ingredients.

8.My tisanes taste and smell different in each brewing. Why?

Our products are 100% natural. Weather conditions during cultivation in conjunction with soil and climate conditions influence and determine flavour characteristics of herbs. As a result, batches may slightly differ between them.

Moreover, our blends are loose and you determine the portion and the proportion of the herbs that you will use in each brewing resulting to different flavours each time.

It is not an indication of low quality or deteriorated product.

9.Do your blends contain artificial flavours or other additives?

No! Our products include exclusively organic herbs. We do not use any form of additives as we believe that the blends we created result to tasty herbal teas that need no extras!

10.Do your blends contain caffeine?

No. Our blends are caffeine free so that you can enjoy them any time of the day.

11.Where do you manufacture and package your products?

All the production processes, from blend-making to packaging, is made by hand in our certified, equipped facilities in Thessaloniki, Greece.

12.Why isn’t the container transparent?

Sunlight exposure significantly deteriorates the quality of dried herbs. For that reason, we chose a package that keeps the herbs well protected, preserving the high quality we wish to offer.

13.Do you collaborate with caterings, hotels and other businesses?

We can provide bulk quantity of our products to businesses that wish so.

We are open to any new suggestion you wish to make! If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact [email protected] and we are more than happy to arrange a meeting with you!

14.Do your herbal blends have therapeutic properties?

Although herbs have been widely used in alternative medicine and natural treatment methods, we do not claim that our herbal blends have any therapeutic properties. Our products do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease.

15.Are your products safe to drink during pregnancy?

We suggest that you consult with your doctor or health practitioner before drinking herbal teas during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

Each package has a list of the ingredients so that you have all the information you need to find the suitable blend for you.

16.Are your products safe for children?

We do not suggest the consumption of our herbal teas to children under the age of one as their immune system is still developing. Always seek advice from your doctor before you offer a herbal tea to a child.

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