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learning about the best chamomile tea

rhoeco chamomile tea

chamomile tea basics

Chamomile is one of the most renowned and loved herbs worldwide.

Its name comes from the Greek word χαμαίμηλον (khamaimēlon), which means "earth apple" describing its growth close to earth and the apple-like fragrance of the flowers which are very attractive to the lovely bees. Noble only in its name, it holds many beneficial properties, with Chamomile traditional medicinals dating back in ancient times, used extensively in Greece, Egypt, and by Romans and has been one of the most popular medicinal herbs ever since!

This daisy-like flowering chamomile plant belongs to the Asteraceae family which also includes the famous for its immune boost, echinacea and highly antioxidant calendula. The most common types of chamomile are the German chamomile (Chamomilla recutita) and the Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile). It is generally considered that German chamomile tea holds more beneficial components for health treatments due to its chemical composition compared to the Roman and Egyptian chamomile tea, and it is an indigenous species of Greece and the one you find at rhoeco products.

Nowadays, it is grown in many different countries around the world where the different microclimate gives interesting variations in the plant species composition. Greece with its special climatic conditions offers a delicate chamomile with a mild taste, rich fruity aroma and high percentage of essential oils.

health benefits of organic chamomile tea

It is mainly the dried chamomile flowers that carry numerous terpenoids, flavonoids, and antioxidants including apigenin, chamazulene, bisabolol and luteolin which contribute to the medicinal character and general benefits of chamomile tea. Health benefits of chamomile include anti-inflammatory properties, a highly soothing effect in menstrual disorders, and it has also been reported to lower blood sugar levels, stress and anxiety and of minor stomach discomfort. Combined with other herbs like licorice and hibiscus, chamomile tea can provide a highly antioxidant tisane.

Despite the many different preparations of chamomile having been developed over the years including essential oils, creams, ointments, and poultices, the most popular is in the form of herbal tea consumed widely. Organic chamomile tea is also considered safe to be consumed by children. In very rare occasions, comforting chamomile tea has been reported to have side effects to people who are allergic to the daisy family and especially to ragweed and chrysanthemum, belonging to this plant family.

Chamomile tea unlike black tea or even green tea, is naturally caffeine free, and holds important calming properties helping to a better sleep so it is the perfect before bedtime tea. It also reduces anxiety and stress levels so try drinking chamomile tea daily for a few weeks and delve into the lasting effect on the level of anxiety feeling. 

For tea drinkers who are into more intense flavours, to enhance the calmative effect, you can drink chamomile tea adding to your whole chamomile flowers a few whole leaves of organic peppermint, lemongrass, lemon balm and lavender.

You can also find our organic chamomile as one of the main ingredients in SEA organic herbal tea blend along with lavender, lemon balm and tilia, making a tisane of exceptional calming effect and relaxing properties.

If you are into experimenting, try making a chamomile latte which is the ultimate soothing beverage to choose!

why rhoeco organic chamomile?

Here at rhoeco, specialising in herbal teas, we source this golden treasure, from small holder organic farms in Greece sampling each season the new harvest. At our certified facilities, we make a meticulous hand sorting ensuring that we only pack the finest and most fragrant and pure organic  chamomile flowers offering you the chance to create the most balanced and flavourfoul tisane with a natural sweetness.

We insist on the highest quality and vote for whole parts that allow herbs unfurl and release their best aromas and taste. In most cases, a tea company like Twinings, Bigelow, or Yogi tea use chamomile teabags which include tea in the form of powder. Our loose leaf chamomile is of very high quality, non GMO, certified organic (EU & USDA standards), gluten free, with no preservatives or artificial flavours making rhoeco one of the best chamomile tea brands in the market.

testimonials about our pure chamomile tea [via The Future Kept beloved stockist of conscious items]

Rachel P. - "The loose chamomile tea is the best I’ve found."

Charlotte P. - "Great flavour."

Erica C. - "Real dried chamomile heads just as it should be. Bought it for my girl as evening before bedtime drink."

how to make chamomile tea

The best way to prepare your chamomile tisane is the infusion. For 1 cup [170ml] put 2tsp/1g into a utensil. Add hot water [95ºC], cover it with a lid and let it rest for 7'. Strain and serve.

Our monovarietal chamomile comes in a 40g pouch giving you the chance to prepare and enjoy 40 cups of tea.

what does chamomile tea taste like?

Rhoeco chamomile herbal tea, a best seller from our monovarietal range, is a brew from fine organic chamomile flowers, giving a floral taste tisane with jasmine aromas characterised by mild sweet and herbal notes and a velvet and creamy mouth, leaving a sense of relaxation.

Maybe the first that comes in mind when one hears chamomile is a hot alleviating tisane, but chamomile is also delicious when prepared as iced tea. Follow our cold brew instructions and enjoy a naturally sweet and mellow refreshing beverage during the hot summer days. It is also an excellent condiment for your sweet and savoury plates with chamomile pudding to have stolen our hearts and have become our new comfort delicacy already!


  • Chamomile organic seeds are also included in the seed mix found on our 'drink it, plant it' packages giving you the chance to discover and explore the majesty of growing on your own this beautiful herb. 
  • Chamomile is an excellent companion plant! Grow it with cabbage family, beans, onions and mint and it will make them most tasty and robust.
  • Beneficial insects and pollinators are very attracted to the flowers of chamomile so make sure you add a few plants to your garden to increase biodiversity.
  • Grow chamomile in full sun to help it thrive.
  • In the famous tale of Peter Rabbit, the young rabbit suffers indigestion after eating the yummy vegetables of Mr. MacGregor’s garden. To cure the indigestion, his experienced mother treats Peter with a cup of chamomile tea before putting him to bed.
  • Chamomile is also mentioned in Shakespeare's Henry IV For though the camomile, the more it is trodden on, the faster it grows, so youth, the more it is wasted, the sooner it wears.


rhoeco cooks | chamomile pudding

Having practised immensely our tasting palates with numerous herbs and spices, we all three love to create recipes including our favourite ones. Chamomile could not be missing as its mellow, yet distinctive aroma and taste bring a sense of cosiness to our hearts.

This pudding, difficult to resist, can be consumed straight from the pan or, for those who can wait, freeze it for a few hours to get a light and refreshing dessert. Either way, you cannot go wrong, trust us!


  • 400ml almond milk
  • 80g brown sugar
  • 4 organic eggs
  • 30g corn starch
  • 2 tbs rhoeco organic chamomile
  • chamomile buds and toasted sesame seeds for decorating


Steep the 2 tbs of rhoeco organic chamomile into the almond milk overnight. The next day sieve and put half the almond milk into a pan over medium heat. Add the brown sugar and simmer. In a different bowl, beat the rest of the milk, the eggs and the corn-starch. Just before the milk on the stove boils, add the mixture and stir until it gets thick over medium heat. Serve in small bowls adding toasted sesame seeds and chamomile buds on top. You can indulge right away or let the pudding cool in the fridge for a few hours.

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