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christmas 2018 - it matters

  • rhoeco - christmas gift - it matters
  • rhoeco - christmas gift - it matters
rhoeco - christmas gift - it matters
rhoeco - christmas gift - it matters

Christmas is all about spending time with our beloved ones feeling cozy and cherised in a magical and unique way! It is also another opportunity to express our gratitude to the treasured somebodies for their presence in our lives. And this is exactly why, every year we are in quest of the perfect present.

The most precious gifts though, are not the objects themselves. The true essence lies in the moments they create.

Year after year, there is a growing interest in the origin and methods of the purchased goods. We become more conscious consumers, making thoughtful choices upon realisation of what is that matters the most in the end. We recognise our personal responsibility towards the environmental protection and the ecological footprint caused by the reckless purchase of goods. In most cases, goods that we do not even need - a sad reality found to its highest extent during the festive season.

It is that time of the year now that we have the chance to reconsider our habits and start making mindful choices.

With that in mind, this Christmas we embrace the “it matters” concept and motivate you to choose consciously your gifts. Because it matters how your gifts are made and what they give back - to you, your beloved ones and the environment.

With the purchase of every rhoeco, seek and get for free our festive postcards. Express your warmest wishes and create memorable moments around a teapot filled with delightfully smelling rhoeco tisane, because such moments is what matters.

Happy & conscious holidays,

rhoeco team

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